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There are few words that capture the essence of Param Pujya Sant Swami Shree Madhavachary Ji Maharaj and what he stands for - satya, prem, saralata, karuna & dayaluta, these all words - compassion - are the soul of ram Katha & Bhagwat Katha, the vital elements of man, of life and of civilization.

Each relationship, all our actions and every passing thought must adhere to and be anchored in these highest principles, neither are they confined to any particular religion, nor are they attached to a specific time or place. They are as universal as the presence of god and as vital as air.

In this website, you will find information about Ram Katha, Bhagwat Katha and Param Pujya Sant Swami Shree Madhavachary Ji Maharaj, events and dates as well as explanations and translations. Its aim is to provide necessary information and a clear understanding.

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